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Top 7 Safeguards To Protect Confidential Information

Posted by Eric Parzianello on January 12, 2014

How do I protect my confidential information ?  It’s a common question asked by corporate executives and business owners who are increasingly concerned about how to protect their company’s sensitive material. The disclosure of customer lists, pricing information and business techniques could negatively impact a company’s revenues.  What are the top safeguards a business owner can put in place to protect critical information?

  1. Store critical information with controlled physical access
  2. Limit access to sensitive information in electronic format
  3. Clearly mark any confidential information
  4. Ensure departing employees return confidential information in their possession
  5. Restrict copying and transmission of confidential information
  6. Require employees and others who will view sensitive material to sign confidentiality agreements
  7. Enforce any violations of confidentiality agreements or company policy

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